Margaret Allen

Margaret Allen

I have worked with spirit all my life. As a healer, medium and facilitator I am proud to work with Karen at Blue Satin Life.  Karen and I did our first class 10 years ago and I am looking forward to facilitating spiritual development at Blue Satin Life.

Working in partnership with individuals and groups to further their well being, whether it be their physical, emotional, mental or spiritual well being I believe is truly valuable. Each person has a different focus to explore, also the elements often occur in different combinations and strengths with each other depending on the individual.

I studied personal and developmental group work at The University of Swansea and have worked with a wide variety of people in various situations but always with the focus on empowering personal development. I can, in partnership with those who wish to make changes towards a happier and more fulfilling life, share and create opportunities to move forward positively in an empowered way.

I believe well being begins with the individual, once you appreciate and learn how to recognise and experience how beautiful and powerful you are inside, then your confidence grows, alongside positive ways of dealing with life challenges’ that come your way.

I look forward to the privilege of sharing in the process of your empowerment or doing a joint colour reading for you with Karen.