1 to 1 Angel reading: £40.
Takes approximately 1 hour, Non-refundable £20 deposit required.
1 to 1 medium reading: £20.
 These readings are on a one to one basis in the medium readings room and sometimes cards will be used for inspiration.
Takes approximately 30 minutes, Non-refundable £10 deposit required.
Joint medium reading: £50.
This is a rare and unusual type of reading. During this reading Margaret is guided by spirit to select different colours and draw several small drawings.  During this time quiet time Karen writes inspiration and guidance from spirit. When Margaret has finished drawing and Karen writing then they take it in turns to explain what they have produced.  You then take the drawing and writing home with you. Takes approximately 1.5 and 2 hours, Non-refundable £20 deposit required.

1 to 1 with a trainee medium:  £15
Takes approximately 20- 30 mins. Non-refundable £5 deposit required.