Welcome to Blue Satin Life – Satin stands for Spiritual Awareness Through Inner Nurturing.

This centre has been a dream of mine for many years and I am so excited that it has become a reality. We offer medium readings, classes connected to personal and spiritual wellbeing and sell gifts.

We have been open now for over a year and have run many classes, performed many massages and done many readings. I have been humbled by how positive people have been and how they like to come back and visit us at the centre. The feedback from people has been wonderful and makes it all worthwhile. Thank you to all those who have supported us and continue to support us.

Please drop in for a chat during our opening hours to discuss current classes and any new ideas for classes.

We welcome everyone and if you need to have chat you can sit a while in the wonderful energy, calm and relaxing atmosphere that is Blue Satin Life.

Blue Satin Life Logo

Karen Dunham